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PLEASE READ THE OFFICIAL ORDER, GENERAL INFORMATION, TERMS AND CONDITIONS THOUROUGHLY. . To avoid cancellation your payment must be cleared through our bank account and appear on our bank statement by 12h00 the day prior to delivery at the latest. Please fax through the proof of payment to our office at: 015 293 1217 (Fax). NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

ORDERS ( Please click here for online ordering)
To enable Seswahla Sand to meet your exact needs, it is recommended that orders for concrete and our pumps be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Please complete our order form and send it back to our office as soon as possible so that we can make your booking. Please ensure that the correct amount of concrete is ordered as that will be the amount to be pumped with one final. No booking will be made without this form being signed on behalf of the customer and sent back to our office.

To establish the pumps we require suitable access to the establishment area, large enough for the pumps and the stabilizing legs, this must be available the day prior to the pumping date. Sometimes your job may require additional decking or piping if you are in anyway unsure of any of aforementioned please advise our office, we will gladly arrange a site inspection prior to the pumps arrival. Please see the Order form for establishment fees.
A lubrication mixture is required, please supply 2 bags of cement and 5 wheelbarrows of plaster sand. Please take note that the establishment fee quoted is the fee to establish the pump on a daily basis and if the pump is to to be used at the same site on two different days an establishment fee will be charged for each day.

Safety is important when working with concrete at height. Wet concrete exerts considerable forces on form work and support work. It is important that this is erected and supported correctly. Special care must be taken to ensure firm footing conditions. Seswahla Sand reserves the right to cancel a concrete pump job and charge the full job fee if any of it's agents deem that the form work and/or supporting structures to be in any way whatsoever unsafe.
High pressure is used during the pumping process, all staff not directly involved with the placing of the concrete must keep clear of the area where the pump is operating. No one should stand under the pumping boom, and nobody should stand in the vicinity of the rubber end hose on start-up. Seswahla Sand will not be held liable for any injuries or loss whatsoever while we are on your site.
Take note: We are not permitted to work closer than 6 meters from any high voltage power line.

Finals are limited to one truck. Should this be exceeded Seswahla Sand reserves the right to withdraw the pump after the initial final has been pumped, or alternatively charge a fee of R750.00 for additional time on site as this impacts service levels to other customers.

Cancellation of pumping orders must be made at least 72 hours prior to date of pump to avoid cancellation fees. The following fees are applicable for cancellations of services.

The following cancellations fee's are payable should you cancel your pumping order prior to service delivery, e.g. should you cancel 12 hours before scheduled pump, cancellation fee would amount to R3 000.00

12 hour cancellation     @ R3000.00
24 hour cancellation     @ R2000.00
48-72hour cancellation  @ R1000.00

A refundable deposit is required where the quantity of concrete to be pumped exceeds the amount as stated in the above mentioned document and this deposit is as follows
Where the quantity pumped exceeds the quantity stated is:
  • Between 1 cubic meter and 49 cubic meters - R1500 additional deposit
  • Between 50 cubic meters and 99 cubic meters - R2000 additional deposit
  • Between 100 cubic meters and 149 cubic meters - R2500 additional deposit
A washout area must be provided and pointed out to the pump operator in order for the pump and pipeline to be washed out in a proper manner. Washout water is not allowed to drain into the storm water or sewer systems. Spill-over from pumping operations must be cleaned by the site. WATER IS NEEDED ON SITE.

Additional standing time cost of R350.00 (Plus VAT) per half hour that the pump is being delayed. Details regarding any additional costs can be obtained from our office.

Any work done after 17:00 will be charged at an additional cost of R350.00 (Plus VAT) per half hour or part thereof.

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